In stumbling upon this Greek word that describes the feeling of soul, love or creativity put into something, I discovered the essence I’ve been trying to capture most of my life. At its core, it's all about self sovereignty – remembering who we are, why we came here, (re)claiming this for ourselves and, ultimately, sharing it with the world. For me, this is the energy that is expressed from this place of passionate knowing - it is expressed withMeraki.

Passionate is definitely one word that my friends and family would use to describe me.

My name is Sharon Eisenhauer. I'm a seeker, a serial entrepreneur, a designer, a dreamer. I seek with this passion – withMeraki. I dance withMeraki, I dress withMeraki. I pin on Pinterest withMeraki. I create homes withMerakiI live withMeraki – usually diving in wholeheartedly, or not at all.

Along the way, I’ve created and sold an award-winning handbag business that was carried in over 500 stores in the US and Canada. I’ve been the spokesperson for an international restaurant chain on radio and TV and, most rewardingly, I adopted a 5 week old baby girl in Tokyo almost 16 years ago. She lives her life withMeraki, too.

In addition to this site, I've created a leather handbag and accessories collection called (naturally!) withMeraki. All of the items I design have been made in Oakland, California with sustainable materials wherever possible.

Coming back, again and again, to what motivates me – coming from a place of soul, love and creativity (meraki) – is where I thrive.