Fierce Love and Next Steps

As you have likely experienced, the Divine Feminine is presencing itself in a very powerful way right now, all across our world. It is long past time for the existing paradigm to shift before we destroy our planet and everything on it and the Divine Feminine is rising up again (hopefully) just in time.

Assisting in the resurgence of this presence, I believe, is a huge part of my purpose in this lifetime. But in order to be of service in this way, I have to be able to get out of my own way. No easy task.

During the last nine months I’ve been doing an intensive course of initiations in the Archetypes of the Divine Feminine.  This is not simply a course of study, it is a deep dive into the experience of the shadow and light of each Deity. This month, we are working with Kali – the Creator/Destroyer/Preserver. Just looking at Kali, you know that this is a rather intense piece of work.

In this particular initiation, we had the opportunity to look at the masks that we began to wear from a very young age. For example, in order to gain approval (feel loved) and not get into trouble, I claimed the mask of the Perfectionist. If I did things perfectly, at the very least I could go under the radar and not be punished.  I learned this one very well.

Another of my masks was that of the seductress – another way I learned to feel “loved”. This was always geared toward men – an attempt to substitute for my absent father.

I also learned that if I could take care of myself and be independent, I was less likely to get hurt. I can take care of myself, thank you very much.  To this day I isolate and let very few in.

We made literal masks which we embodied and will later burn. But in the process, we get to experience the “fun” of having Kali show us just how rampant and prevalent these masks still are in our lives today. Kali is all about fierce love and doesn’t put up with bullshit. The opportunities to experience this have been in front of me multiple times each day so far.

Underlying all of this, we examine the duality pairs that can run our lives. For me, my pattern was that either I was selfish (as I was repeatedly told), or I collapsed into a victim state after taking on way too much for others. The Sacred Third in this duality pair is remembering that I am worthy. Worthy. Just saying it makes me sit up a bit straighter. Believing it has been a bit more challenging.

So this is where I go back to the very first Archetype that we studied – that of the Great Mother. She is Mary, Hathor, Gaia, Demeter and many others. She is fierce, loving, unconditional presence. She reminds us that there is nothing we can do to make her love us and that there is nothing we can do to make her not love us. She is the deep burgundy embrace, the rich essence of the earth. She is love. Only love. 

And she is here for each and every one of us. We can fall into her arms and be held. No matter what. 

My initiations continue – as they will for this lifetime. And I will continue to share my experience with you in the hopes that you may benefit in recognizing yourself in some of these mirrors.

This path has been so incredibly rewarding, challenging and comforting. The depth of gratitude I feel for this (re)connection cannot be quantified. My teaching has come through Ariel Spilsbury and Eden Amadora. Brilliant work. Bravely offered. Blessed be

Sharon Eisenhauer
En-Vision-ing in the New Year

New Year’s Eve has come and gone in the Gregorian calendar, but in the Celtic tradition, Imbolc is celebrated half way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox – this year, on February 1. It is a celebration that teaches us to nurture the seeds of healing and new growth before their actual emergence in the dark days of winter – so it’s not too late to sew visions for the coming year. Actually, the timing is perfect! 

Vision Boarding parties seem to proliferate this time of year. Setting the tone. Planting the seeds for things to come. My passion for creating vision boards has been well documented – by my vision boards! The form has morphed over the years. The content has evolved. My enthusiasm for the process has never waned. 

2011 Vision Board

2011 Vision Board

In a detour from my usual post, I decided to share this process of mine with you – as it has had some pretty profoundly prognosticating results.

In creating my boards, my process has been to simply tear out pictures that feel resonant. I don’t question. I simply tear and cut. I allow the images to take their own place in the panorama. And then I let it tell me what it wants to say.

My process is an amalgam of lots of others. To start, sitting with a stack of magazines, I tear out photos and words that speak to me. I don’t have categories in mind. I don’t edit. Then I tidily trim all the words and images. All together they don’t yet make much sense.


Next, I decide on categories. For example: home and family; spirituality; earning; health and wellness; love and romance; traveling and adventure. I make a sticky note with each of these categories and I spread them out on the floor.

Then, again without thinking or editing, I put each of the images into one of the above categories. Finally, I take each stack and make an individual collage laid out on my dining room table or on my floor.

What I love about this part of the process is that the photos I had imagined would be a part of one category often end up in an entirely different category and their meaning changes dramatically.

I don’t glue anything down. I simply take a photo of each collage and then I print that photo and put it on my bulletin board or even use it as a home or lock screen on my phone. I usually hang out for as long as I can with my multiple “boards” on my table or floor in order to take them in more fully. Sooner or later, we need the table or things get blown on the floor and is it is time to pick everything up and put it in a file folder for posterity.

Of course it’s fun to look back a year later and see what has come to pass or what is still evolving. Often, I check in with the images mid-year. Sometimes I burn them to turn them over more symbolically to the Universe.


More than concrete how-to lists or resolutions, these collages convey a feeling – an essence that I want to draw into my life – sort of a more richly illustrated tarot reading for the year to come. Some boards are more resonant for me than others. Regardless, it’s a joyful process that feeds me on so many levels.

May you be fed in this New Year, on every level, with so much joy and love.

Sharon Eisenhauer
A Soul's Worth

What is the cost of a soul? We usually live as though we can buy one. Or pay it off. Or bribe it. We compromise ourselves, making tradeoffs in work or love or myriad other ways that we usually later regret. 

All of this bargaining is ultimately in an attempt to feel loved. We long for the love that was beaten or shamed or coerced from us. Most often we never realized the deal we were brokering when we gave it away.

In exchange we may have received approval, or inclusion, or at the very least, a temporary stemming of the pain.

Most of us do this for our entire lives. But the sacrifice we are making takes its toll. We become angry, ill or depressed. We see ourselves as victims, that we are slaves to our circumstances.

And we feel that we don’t have the key to the shackles. But we do. We always did. Maybe no one told us where it was, or how to pick the lock. The key may be buried beneath layers of generational pain. But it is there.

We may have spent decades, pick-axe in hand, chipping away at fossilized rage and grief - alternating with a shovel to dig out the shame.

What we never knew, or perhaps weren’t ready to hear, was that, while using these tools built our muscles; the key to unlocking this chest of misery and betrayal has been within our reach at all times.

It rises up from the redwood sapling and towers in the sky. We can drink it in while falling into the velvety spiral of a rose. Or hear it in the thrum of a hummingbird’s wings or in a dolphin’s song reminding us to smile.

This is Love that has been here for millennia. Always. It is everywhere. Love. Only Love.

It is everywhere, but it requires our conscious attention to let it in; to fall into its arms; to let it cleanse away our eons worth of shame, betrayal and rage.

Into the arms of the Great Mother, Gaia, Love Itself, we can allow ourselves to fall. To be held. To grieve the pain, the loss; and to again see the beauty that has always been there.

With this recognition, this remembrance of what was always there, the muscle that truly needed strengthening has a chance to expand. We realize that we have had a cage of armor surrounding our hearts, a cage that must be opened. In fact, this armor must be discarded entirely in order for this astounding muscle to grow.

What protects our heart when we allow this is compassion and forgiveness. For ourselves first. For others, after.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. We offer Ho’oponopono - a Hawaiian prayer of compassion and forgiveness.

So we lay to rest the pick-axe and the shovel – the tools that kept us digging relentlessly at the past.

We can be grateful for what they revealed and trust that the other puzzle pieces that require revelation will come in silent recognition and with gratitude; free from the chains of victimhood that kept us bound to the past (or so it seemed!).

We choose Love. Only Love. And anything that reveals itself as less than love, we ask that it be brought gently and compassionately into the light.

Sharon Eisenhauer