Answering the Call
 in my element…

in my element…

A short while into the New Year, I noticed that I’d been waking almost daily with my hands forming symbols that I had never been taught before – at least not in this lifetime. In February I went to 1440 and found myself forming this mudra while soaking in the hot tub, gazing into the Redwood forest. This all seemed a bit bizarre.

In whispers, I’d asked a number of friends. No one seemed to have any answers. Finally I turned to Google and where I landed was on the site of a Priestess.

I had heard of Priestesses. I had ideas of what I thought they were, but I didn’t really know. Or did I...?

Because there was such resonance with this word, I dove head first into exploration. I immersed myself in every site I could find. So much information - hiding in plain sight. I was surprised that I had never come across any of this before.

As turned out, the woman that had just taught the retreat that I had gone on in Bimini describes herself as a modern-day Priestess. Hmmm...time to pay attention.

This teacher, Adena, pointed me toward her sources of information and (re)education. One of her teachers was hosting a retreat on the Big Island. My heart began to race...

An interview with the leader of the event was required in order to attend. Apparently this intensive was for a rather advanced candidate, but she agreed to speak with me to see if it was a fit. I had had no Priestess experience (again, in this  lifetime) but she wanted me to also meet with her co-leader who happened to live 30 miles from me. So I did.

But apparently, Pele had other ideas. She is pissed – and rightfully so. Pele decided that this retreat – and anything else that had been planned this year for that side of the Big Island was not happening. She had some re-decorating to do!

Certainly I was disappointed at the cancellation of the retreat, but in doing that second interview, I had found my new teacher, Eden. This, was the path. My path. Finally. After so many years of searching.

A year ago Autumn, I had said to my then–boyfriend, “Shit’s about to get weird.” I had no conscious sense of what I was declaring in that moment. But it turns out I was right, at least by conventional standards.

But then in reality, it’s not all that weird. Women have always been healers – many, quite magical and gifted healers. That is what a Priestess is. She is someone who lives, teaches, and alchemically transmits the blessings of the Divine Feminine - of Love - in many, many forms.

And it is powerful stuff – the strength of the Divine Feminine. That’s what freaked men out millennia ago (not to mention hours, days and weeks ago). We have an inherent power that many men don’t understand. They are terrified. They know that a woman standing in her truth, power and alignment is daunting. Out of their fear, we are silenced, shamed, demeaned, raped and killed because of it.

We ALL now see that the time for a shift is long past.

One by one, circle by circle, we are remembering. We are returning to Love, forgiveness, courage and strength. Whether the form is Priestess or Shaman, Political Activist or Actress, our collective voice is growing daily.

We are sisters – and brothers – who are here now to stand up. Speak up. Show up. And heal – withLove. 

Righting the Upside Down

While the collective world has been being turned upside down, my personal world has been, as well. I mentioned this to a friend recently. Since the first of the year, I ended a three-year relationship, moved 60 miles away to a small town and completely revamped my schedule and care of my teenager. The friend responded that perhaps, instead of being turned upside down, it was being turned right side up.

I had been living in circumstances that were not good for my physical or emotional health. My relationship with my daughter suffered as a result. And I was keeping myself small – both with the (somewhat) unconscious belief that I needed others to take care of me, and with such low self-esteem that I had virtually shut off all potential streams of income with the feeling that I was not worthy.

For six years, I had been relentlessly trying to figure out my next business while endlessly looping the playback of an internalized message that if I succeeded and was (once again) financially successful, I would lose the ones I loved.

At the height of my success in my former business, my wife had asked for a divorce. Without going into the story of why, it is fairly easy to see the imprinting there.

And while I did have success and I did lose my partner – I now know that there was a deeper fear around pursuing my purpose and losing those I loved – a message that I’m just coming to understand the implications of.

As my life has been turning right side up, I am discovering a new and a very old sense of purpose. This purpose goes way deeper than that of making the useful and beautiful products as I had been. While I love my design work and it is essential to nourishing my soul, it is not my greater purpose.

I am here, in this lifetime, to reclaim my SELF. And in doing so I provide a way for my daughter to do the same - and her daughters and sons to come.

As someone who experienced sexual and physical abuse in this lifetime (and others), it is my duty to reclaim my soul essence - the essence that existed before I came into this world, so that others may do the same.

There has been so much said these days about standing up and speaking out about sexual aggression and while I am in no way dismissing such abuse, the deeper lesson here is in the reclamation of self-sovereignty that may have prevented these incidents in the first place.

What I am speaking of here is a universal need for self-sovereignty. If the perpetrators of my abuse and that of the millions of other women and men in the world knew their own self-worth, knew that they were sacred, lovable beings purely because they existed – none of the tragedy that we are experiencing in the world every single day would be happening.

If every terrorist, murderer and rapist (and politician!) felt loved and wanted and cherished as children, they would not have become terrorists, murderers or rapists. And perhaps our politicians would have very different agendas...

But that’s where the fear of standing up comes in – Christine Blasey Ford. ‘Nuf said.

So let’s use this. Let’s let her courage empower us all despite the outcome. Actually, because of the outcome – we all need to stand up in far greater numbers!

Collectively feeling the anger - but allowing that anger to move us to heal with LOVE. This is what we’re ALL really desperate for. Not more anger! Fear and anger is what got us all here in the first place.

It is said that “What serves one, serves all”. As I immerse myself in this journey of discovery and remembrance of that essential self that I abandoned even before birth, I am now birthing a completely new perspective of my essence – rendering it RIGHT SIDE UP. At last.

For me, the process has felt slow and incremental. And yet my understanding and reclamation of my sovereign essence has been making quantum shifts these last nine months.

And as we are All One, this healing, this remembrance, will have a quantum affect in the Universe. May our commitment to healing be amplified a billion-fold.

Jack Johnson had it right about the Upside Down thing. Perhaps he just titled it wrong. It is all a matter of perspective

Dolphin Tales

Following in an excerpt from a upcoming work.

Earlier this year, I was helping a friend in her retail store in Mill Valley. After work I would often take walks around the idyllic small town. Late one afternoon, I noticed a large, painted board in a driveway. It read, “Before I die, I will…” and invited passersby to list their visions on the board with the chalk provided.

My store-owner friend spoke of her dream of swimming with the dolphins in Bimini and that that was what she wanted to put on the board.

“Oh!”, I exclaimed. I had just received an email regarding a dolphin retreat in Bimini. It was happening in two weeks. I forwarded it to her and we closed the store for the day.

The following weekend I went camping with a dear friend at one of my favorite spots just above Mill Valley on Mt. Tamalpais. While unpacking my gear and erecting my tent, I told her about the board in town and of the store owner’s dream.

Weeks earlier, this friend had heard me speak of my attempted vacation plans. My daughter was to be out of town and I had looked into everything from Palm Springs to Phoenix where Elizabeth Gilbert and Martha Beck were holding a retreat. Nothing felt quite right. I was looking for warm water and relaxation. You can imagine her next question. It hadn’t even occurred to me to go to swim with the dolphins in Bimini myself – and it just happened to be happening the very same week that my 14 year old was to have been gone!

With what limited cell reception there was on the top of the mountain, I quickly pulled up the website of the trip organizers, Wildquest. There was one opening remaining for this trip.

Next was the website of the retreat host, Adena Tryon, a divine feminine mystic and modern day priestess. I sent off an email and she quickly responded with a code for a $250 discount. The spot had just opened due to a last-minute cancellation. (!!!)

Things seemed to be falling into place so very easily – as though this just might be destiny...

The flight to Fort Lauderdale from Oakland was reasonable, even at the last minute. “OMG!”, I said to my friend, “Am I doing this?” She looked at me in her knowing way.

As I went down to my car to gather more of my gear, I briefly spoke with a fellow camper. He was wearing a hat with a symbol on it. It was the same symbol that greeted me on the retreat host’s website, a sacred geometry symbol I would later come to know is called the Flower of Life. 

As one who is well-versed in asking for signs from the Universe, this appeared to be yet another one!

The sun had made his presence known through the trees as I lay in my tent the following morning. A strong sensory memory of a dawn-breaking dream filled me. It was of swimming with the dolphins, communing in a sensual underwater dance with them. I could feel the gentle power of their mammalian bodies and the coolness of their skin. I didn’t need to breathe underwater. I was one of them.

OK – Time to press buy on that plane ticket.

Little more than a week later, I was boarding a tiny airplane bound for the Bahamian island of Bimini.

And the magic begins…

Sharon Eisenhauer