Manifesto of Meraki

For all of us who burn it up and burn it down and refuse to live any other way.


Making a choice to follow our passion, to live with soul, love and creativity (the rough definition of meraki) is not for everyone. The majority of Americans seem to be perfectly fine with the status quo. They find comfort in a regular job, working for the weekend and evening television.

For some of us, that way of life makes us want to peel our skin off.

We are the “neurotic” ones. The flaky and unstable ones. The emotional ones. We’re the ones who question the answers. We are the ones who seek – and often do not find. But we are driven by the search.

There is something within. Perhaps we were born with it – many lifetimes ago. Something that is never satisfied with standing still. We yearn for more, better, richer, deeper. I’m not referring to more possessions or money. It’s about more of life.

We are driven to tear things apart, to uncover, to discover, to build and to conceive. We write, paint, dance, research, curate and compose. We dream. We dream. And we dream some more.

We will likely never be satisfied. But that is the beauty. And the grace – that keeps us moving forward.

Let’s burn it down. And build it again. And build it with wings. And take off. And soar.

Sharon Eisenhauer