Building a Wall - and looking in the mirror that is hanging on it

We have become so out of balance in this world in our fear and hatred of the other, in our fear of not enough, that we are slamming hearts and our minds shut.

As a result we cry “mine!”

This is mine! This is my country – not yours. This is my land to pillage for my wealth – and by the way, I want yours, too. (Because my fear of not enough is even bigger than that.)

We claim to be righteous and cry out that you must not make the choice to kill anyone who is not yet in this world, but, it is perfectly fine to kill your neighbor if you feel threatened.

Who are we??? Actually, perhaps the question is, who is the we?

We may be pointing fingers right now – but the they we are pointing at is merely a mirror, a reflection, of the worst in all of US. (and, yes, the U.S.)

We who are defending a right to make choices like this have become just as angry and loud and hateful as those who say we can't. We, too, are filled with fear. Fear that they will “take our rights”.

We are raising our fists in resistance and defense, shaking them at them and yelling about how unjustly they are treating us.

It is that very reflection of otherness in them that we are railing against. They're saying go away. Mine. We are saying, “go away, mine.” It is a circle, a cycle, that must be broken.

This fever pitch of fear is not going to simmer down and go away. It will erupt. It must erupt. It will likely result, tragically, in death and suffering.

When fear reaches the pitch that it has the only thing that seems break through is extreme tragedy – tragedy that will cause our neighbors to see themselves in the other. Tragedy that causes us to feel again. Tragedy that will break through the wall. The wall of fear that we are (all of us) erecting around our hearts in this very moment.

We must wake up. We must step out of the fear as best we can. This is not going to go to sleep and slip away.

We must fortify what we know to be true - That loving ourselves will allow us to love each other.

We must step out of this vortex of fear and into another if we are to survive. We must love them. All of them. We are them.

We must love them and see that they are afraid, just as we are afraid. We must step out. Feel the love. Be the love. It is the only way.

We must keep seeing the love, however diminished, in every single one of the other. It is the only way.

Sharon Eisenhauer