Paddle When Necessary

We all have a path that is uniquely ours. When we're on it, we soar. We have our groove on. The Universe lines up for us and we are guided down the rapids of life with the thrill of knowing that there is even more and better adventure around the next bend. Our job is to hold onto our oar, steer and paddle as we're guided, knowing that we're headed in the right direction.

The river will be calm and easy at times. Other times we will have to paddle like crazy to keep our raft off of the rocks.

But a river only flows in one direction. Trying to paddle upstream is hell.

There will be forks, and we all get to choose. There really are no wrong directions as long as refrain from holding on to the boulder that we think is keeping us from drowning.

Listen. Trust. Paddle when necessary. Follow the flow.

Sharon Eisenhauer