Clear Channel. It's Not About Billboards and Radio.

Clear Channel. Those two words evoke memories of the connection to the friends I made three decades ago selling radio advertising time in Ohio. Many of them later worked for that mega-media conglomerate, Clear Channel, now called I Heart Media.

But this is not the channel that clearly resonates with me today. The clear channel I am most interested in exploring, is the one that connects me to my inner knowing. It’s a channel with a message that can require exceedingly fine-tuning to be able to decipher. At least, at times it feels that way.

We all call that inner guidance different stuff. Some call it intuition. Some call it a hunch. Some don’t call it anything at all. They just act on what they know.

I like thinking of it as Good Orderly Direction.

When I am on the right wavelength and dialed in to KGOD (or since I’m from the mid-west, WGOD), the direction I hear is without question a direct download and contains perfect instructions for the next right thing.

KGOD Antenna

the signal gets clear here

Problem is, I tend to muddy the medium with assorted gumming-upping substances. It’s like shaking a snow globe. You can’t really see the little scene clearly until you put the snow globe down and let all of the little white flakes settle.

I like to gum things up with busy-ness. The busier I am, the buzzier the channel.

Sometimes I create static with drama. If I’m all worked up about something, it really is hard to hear my heart speaking.

We can interfere with the signal with work, weed or whiskey. Shopping, sex or snacking might be your flavor. We all have our given/preferred methods of shutting out what we know we need to know.

But what a glorious thing it is when we do open to the message that is trying to get through to us. Miracles literally happen. Doors open. Pathways are revealed.

Recently, someone suggested that I get out of my own way and see what it looked like if I opened the channel and allowed Spirit do for me what I could not do for myself. I did. And Spirit certainly knows what delights me.

In the last two weeks when I sat still long enough to allow the muddy water to clear, Good Orderly Direction gave me four days in Yosemite; plane tickets for me and my BF to Hawaii; a new swimsuit, boardshorts, cover up and yoga pants; and a day-long job working as a model in a hot air balloon in Sonoma.

None of this was anything I had asked other people for. Nor did I have to pay for any of it. In fact, I’m getting paid for some of it.

So I made a list of this stuff that happens when I get out of the way. And I add to this list on-going. It’s a reminder to me of what can happen when I do what I know I need to do to connect, to dial in, to open to the channel and let it flow.

Given this, it should be simple, right? Yea, well, we all know the answer to that one. We seem to get all twisted in our knickers with myriad things like I described above.


I’ve long held the belief that struggle is necessary. That punishment is the norm.  I suspect that I’m not alone here. Everyone that was raised Catholic or Jewish, raise your hands... Original sin and all that.

But increasingly, I’m opening to the suggestion that the maxim, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” is true. Of course, challenges and growth are some of the richest and most necessary parts of life. But even when it’s painful, I do welcome the opportunity to learn.

But putting down the need to self-inflict pain, that’s a muscle that feels like that of a newborn for me.  Teeny tiny and very un-developed.

So, letting go of the suffering and clearing the channel. For me, it means walks in the woods. Breathing. Meditation. Writing. I need to put down the chocolate, the shopping, the tequila, the drama, the busy-ness, if I really do want to tune in. Simple. Not easy.

Sometimes we all feel the need to check out. I need to allow that for myself and not add to my suffering by punishing myself for those moments. One day, becoming an Enlightened Being may be on the list. I suspect that that may not happen in this go-round.

And really, it’s about the intention. Am I consciously turning on Scandal because I need down time? Or am I in a frenzied snow-globe swirl of obfuscation? I think as long as I keep coming back, showing up and saying, “Okay. Now I’m ready”, I will be okay.

Progress not perfection, right?   Deep breath.


Sharon Eisenhauer