Loving Trump


While I recognize that this is a provocative headline - the intended provocation may not be for the reason that you think.

I have spoken before about the “resist” movement and how resistance only results in more of the same - pushing back. One cannot Stand United Against Hate without embodying a hateful stance themselves. We are hating the haters in this case. We can’t stand against something without being a part of it.

A shift in perspective (and effect!) is Standing United With Love. Loving the essence of another being sees the good, the commonality, our own face in the face of the other.

What we see, perceive and react against in others is a reflection of our own collective fear, outrage and intolerance. We have collectively created this world in such a model of scarcity and greed that the Earth will not be able to sustain us that much longer if we continue in this direction. She has been giving us warning signs all along.

But just as we have created this world as it currently is, we can change it. When we do this, incrementally, shift happens. But it doesn’t happen through violence or even resistance. That creates more of the same.

The way to create incremental and lasting change is through love.

Before you write this off as woo-woo or way too far out and groovy, stick with me for a second.

This in NO way precludes standing up for what we believe in. In fact, it supports it, but from a vastly more powerful stance. When we stand in our strength and sovereignty, will full faith in the conviction of our beliefs, we stand aligned with Truth. And Truth will ultimately prevail.

Where we start is in loving ourselves. Loving ourselves enough that we stop doing things like disparaging our bodies with chemical-laden food and other products, overworking, under-exercising, awful self-talk and not enough time in nature.

Yes, it takes time and commitment, but when we begin to really feel the love, we will begin acting outwardly with love - not in our usual more co-dependent way, but truly acting in love.

From this stance, our fear-based scarcity thinking that manifests as greed will lessen. We will no longer take more than our share - hoarding energy, food and other resources. There will be enough for everyone.

This isn’t Pollyanna. This is sacred truth.

We all need love. We all need to give it. We all need to receive it.

And that brings me to my headline. When a toddler throws a tantrum, what calms him down the most? What is he really asking for? It’s not a fight or more punishment. (Although at times, that appears to be better than no attention at all.)

What he is desperately begging for is to be loved. Not the apparent “love” of the whipped up followers. But real love. Love of his essence. The love that he never likely received as a child.

If we collectively begin to spend just a moment each day to send love to that tiny, precious child that was born in 1946 in Queens, New York a little softening may just begin to happen.

We might just see sparks of compassion here and there. And while his ego will certainly kick and scream at being perceived as anything less than the ego-maniacal beast that he has become, it may just make him one less trigger-happy finger away from the Ultimate Power Move.

I realize that this is very much of a stretch for most of us. But it certainly can’t hurt. And imagine what it will bring to each of us in consciously feeling love for another precious being on this planet in their most innocent form.

If all of this sounds a bit like the story of the Grinch, or Scrooge, it is because the basis of those stories is truth. Enduring truth that can save our country and ultimately our planet.

Maybe tomorrow, after we love ourselves up, send a little love his way.

Sharon Eisenhauer