Dolphin Tales


Following in an excerpt from a upcoming work.

Earlier this year, I was helping a friend in her retail store in Mill Valley. After work I would often take walks around the idyllic small town. Late one afternoon, I noticed a large, painted board in a driveway. It read, “Before I die, I will…” and invited passersby to list their visions on the board with the chalk provided.

My store-owner friend spoke of her dream of swimming with the dolphins in Bimini and that that was what she wanted to put on the board.

“Oh!”, I exclaimed. I had just received an email regarding a dolphin retreat in Bimini. It was happening in two weeks. I forwarded it to her and we closed the store for the day.

The following weekend I went camping with a dear friend at one of my favorite spots just above Mill Valley on Mt. Tamalpais. While unpacking my gear and erecting my tent, I told her about the board in town and of the store owner’s dream.

Weeks earlier, this friend had heard me speak of my attempted vacation plans. My daughter was to be out of town and I had looked into everything from Palm Springs to Phoenix where Elizabeth Gilbert and Martha Beck were holding a retreat. Nothing felt quite right. I was looking for warm water and relaxation. You can imagine her next question. It hadn’t even occurred to me to go to swim with the dolphins in Bimini myself – and it just happened to be happening the very same week that my 14 year old was to have been gone!

With what limited cell reception there was on the top of the mountain, I quickly pulled up the website of the trip organizers, Wildquest. There was one opening remaining for this trip.

Next was the website of the retreat host, Adena Tryon, a divine feminine mystic and modern day priestess. I sent off an email and she quickly responded with a code for a $250 discount. The spot had just opened due to a last-minute cancellation. (!!!)

Things seemed to be falling into place so very easily – as though this just might be destiny...

The flight to Fort Lauderdale from Oakland was reasonable, even at the last minute. “OMG!”, I said to my friend, “Am I doing this?” She looked at me in her knowing way.

As I went down to my car to gather more of my gear, I briefly spoke with a fellow camper. He was wearing a hat with a symbol on it. It was the same symbol that greeted me on the retreat host’s website, a sacred geometry symbol I would later come to know is called the Flower of Life. 

As one who is well-versed in asking for signs from the Universe, this appeared to be yet another one!

The sun had made his presence known through the trees as I lay in my tent the following morning. A strong sensory memory of a dawn-breaking dream filled me. It was of swimming with the dolphins, communing in a sensual underwater dance with them. I could feel the gentle power of their mammalian bodies and the coolness of their skin. I didn’t need to breathe underwater. I was one of them.

OK – Time to press buy on that plane ticket.

Little more than a week later, I was boarding a tiny airplane bound for the Bahamian island of Bimini.

And the magic begins…

Sharon Eisenhauer