En-Vision-ing in the New Year

New Year’s Eve has come and gone in the Gregorian calendar, but in the Celtic tradition, Imbolc is celebrated half way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox – this year, on February 1. It is a celebration that teaches us to nurture the seeds of healing and new growth before their actual emergence in the dark days of winter – so it’s not too late to sew visions for the coming year. Actually, the timing is perfect! 

Vision Boarding parties seem to proliferate this time of year. Setting the tone. Planting the seeds for things to come. My passion for creating vision boards has been well documented – by my vision boards! The form has morphed over the years. The content has evolved. My enthusiasm for the process has never waned. 

2011 Vision Board

2011 Vision Board

In a detour from my usual post, I decided to share this process of mine with you – as it has had some pretty profoundly prognosticating results.

In creating my boards, my process has been to simply tear out pictures that feel resonant. I don’t question. I simply tear and cut. I allow the images to take their own place in the panorama. And then I let it tell me what it wants to say.

My process is an amalgam of lots of others. To start, sitting with a stack of magazines, I tear out photos and words that speak to me. I don’t have categories in mind. I don’t edit. Then I tidily trim all the words and images. All together they don’t yet make much sense.


Next, I decide on categories. For example: home and family; spirituality; earning; health and wellness; love and romance; traveling and adventure. I make a sticky note with each of these categories and I spread them out on the floor.

Then, again without thinking or editing, I put each of the images into one of the above categories. Finally, I take each stack and make an individual collage laid out on my dining room table or on my floor.

What I love about this part of the process is that the photos I had imagined would be a part of one category often end up in an entirely different category and their meaning changes dramatically.

I don’t glue anything down. I simply take a photo of each collage and then I print that photo and put it on my bulletin board or even use it as a home or lock screen on my phone. I usually hang out for as long as I can with my multiple “boards” on my table or floor in order to take them in more fully. Sooner or later, we need the table or things get blown on the floor and is it is time to pick everything up and put it in a file folder for posterity.

Of course it’s fun to look back a year later and see what has come to pass or what is still evolving. Often, I check in with the images mid-year. Sometimes I burn them to turn them over more symbolically to the Universe.


More than concrete how-to lists or resolutions, these collages convey a feeling – an essence that I want to draw into my life – sort of a more richly illustrated tarot reading for the year to come. Some boards are more resonant for me than others. Regardless, it’s a joyful process that feeds me on so many levels.

May you be fed in this New Year, on every level, with so much joy and love.

Sharon Eisenhauer