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Little by Little

When we open the channels to all that is available to us we can heal – ourselves and the planet.
Simple – not easy.

We are love. We have forgotten this – maybe many lifetimes ago when we forgot our names. We forgot where and what we came from. We do not remember the power, the strength, the courage, the love we once knew.

But it is time to reclaim who we are – remember who we were - to rise up and sing out – to show ourselves in our love and light and glory.

It is time to wake up from the nightmare – breathe in the life. Breathe out the love. And we stand together – arm in arm – not against anything – we stand together.  with love.

Can we begin to love ourselves today – exactly as we are? And can that crack in the wall that lets the light in spill over just a little to others around us – and others around them?

Until little by little, drop by drop, we re-awaken the memory of our long lost selves.

We are here now for a reason – and we need to remember so that we may live from that place.

We have spent decades and centuries pulling ourselves back, covering ourselves over, running away from the truth. 

Sometimes, we get so far from our own truth we get lost in the confusion. We thrash around in addiction and other forms of self-abuse.

But it is all here to teach us to remember to love. 

The great courage and work that it takes to get to the place of remembering is what our journey here is for.

We must get back. We must come back – to our truth. To our souls.

All of these messages that we’ve bombarded ourselves with are lies. We are beautiful enough, smart enough, talented enough, courageous enough – more than enough - way, way more than enough.

We are brilliant, strong, brave and powerful.

It is time to stop pointing fingers at others, take responsibility for ourselves and say yes, ah yes!

This is where I have lived – but today I choose differently.

I have been complicit in my own victimization by continuing to punish myself and others for the state of my life.

Today, I choose to stop retelling that old story and to begin to tell a new one – to extract the powerful lessons that these ordeals have taught me – to forgive myself and others and to rise up.