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The Sound of a Heart Breaking

Commitment - to ourselves, to our souls, to love, to creativity will, at times, ask us to make difficult choices.

With our broken hearts and tear-stained faces, we may not know why, but we know we must. We must have the courage to face the growth our souls are asking of us. We must close our eyes and reach out for the trapeze bar in faith, knowing that as we do this we must also open our hands and release what we’ve been clinging too - that which is now behind us.

I am so grateful to have loved. So grateful to have had the gift of deeply knowing another person on this planet.

This was a love that brought great joy and laughter and countless adventures. It was a love that held and supported us as we learned and grew. It was a love, and is a love that will last forever – even though its form had to change.

What a gift to love. To be loved. It requires great courage to risk our hearts. To know that, very possibly, our hearts will break.

It requires great courage to allow ourselves to know when the form of our love must change. We have to be willing to see. To listen. To hear. And to follow the beckoning of our souls.

And once we do hear, pretending that we didn’t will cause us deeper pain than the breaking of our hearts.

Pretending that we don’t know scars us and that scar tissue builds and grows and can threatened to cut off our life source if we don’t address it.

The time to listen, to hear, to speak, to act is a call we can no longer ignore. Our souls know. They will guide us gently if we let them. And sometimes, we require a more forceful redirection.

There is the pain that we make the choice to walk through, and the pain that we are forced to walk through.  

My prayer is that I am always willing to listen. To hear. To see. To know by choice – and to choose to take action. To have the courage to trust my soul, even when it is requiring that I step into the abyss, not knowing where I’m headed or why.

My heart was broken. And I am so grateful for the gift of the love I came to know.