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Answering the Call
in my element…

in my element…

A short while into the New Year, I noticed that I’d been waking almost daily with my hands forming symbols that I had never been taught before – at least not in this lifetime. In February I went to 1440 and found myself forming this mudra while soaking in the hot tub, gazing into the Redwood forest. This all seemed a bit bizarre.

In whispers, I’d asked a number of friends. No one seemed to have any answers. Finally I turned to Google and where I landed was on the site of a Priestess.

I had heard of Priestesses. I had ideas of what I thought they were, but I didn’t really know. Or did I...?

Because there was such resonance with this word, I dove head first into exploration. I immersed myself in every site I could find. So much information - hiding in plain sight. I was surprised that I had never come across any of this before.

As turned out, the woman that had just taught the retreat that I had gone on in Bimini describes herself as a modern-day Priestess. Hmmm...time to pay attention.

This teacher, Adena, pointed me toward her sources of information and (re)education. One of her teachers was hosting a retreat on the Big Island. My heart began to race...

An interview with the leader of the event was required in order to attend. Apparently this intensive was for a rather advanced candidate, but she agreed to speak with me to see if it was a fit. I had had no Priestess experience (again, in this  lifetime) but she wanted me to also meet with her co-leader who happened to live 30 miles from me. So I did.

But apparently, Pele had other ideas. She is pissed – and rightfully so. Pele decided that this retreat – and anything else that had been planned this year for that side of the Big Island was not happening. She had some re-decorating to do!

Certainly I was disappointed at the cancellation of the retreat, but in doing that second interview, I had found my new teacher, Eden. This, was the path. My path. Finally. After so many years of searching.

A year ago Autumn, I had said to my then–boyfriend, “Shit’s about to get weird.” I had no conscious sense of what I was declaring in that moment. But it turns out I was right, at least by conventional standards.

But then in reality, it’s not all that weird. Women have always been healers – many, quite magical and gifted healers. That is what a Priestess is. She is someone who lives, teaches, and alchemically transmits the blessings of the Divine Feminine - of Love - in many, many forms.

And it is powerful stuff – the strength of the Divine Feminine. That’s what freaked men out millennia ago (not to mention hours, days and weeks ago). We have an inherent power that many men don’t understand. They are terrified. They know that a woman standing in her truth, power and alignment is daunting. Out of their fear, we are silenced, shamed, demeaned, raped and killed because of it.

We ALL now see that the time for a shift is long past.

One by one, circle by circle, we are remembering. We are returning to Love, forgiveness, courage and strength. Whether the form is Priestess or Shaman, Political Activist or Actress, our collective voice is growing daily.

We are sisters – and brothers – who are here now to stand up. Speak up. Show up. And heal – withLove.