living withMeraki
living withMeraki
reclaiming our sovereign selves with soul, love and creativity


(n.) the soul, love or creativity put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into all that you do.


Living withMeraki is about claiming what we know, from that deep place of knowing - and expressing that in the world - as our truest self, our sovereign self.

It is from this sovereign self, that we begin to (l)earn our worth in this world. 

Living withMeraki is about supporting you in remembering and reclaiming your sovereignty so that you may (l)earn what you’re worth!

In stumbling upon this Greek word, meraki, that describes a feeling of soul, love and creativity, I discovered the essence I’ve been trying to capture most of my life. At its core, it's all about self sovereignty – remembering who we are, why we came here, (re)claiming this for ourselves and, ultimately, sharing it with the world. For me, this is the energy that is expressed from this place of passionate knowing - it is expressed withMeraki

- Sharon Eisenhauer


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